Please take the time to look around my website.  Feel free to contact me for pricing and scheduling.

* Architectural Rendering and Fine Art services include:

- Hand drawn & water colored Exterior and Interior Architectural Elevations or Perspectives for both Single Family and Multi-family Residential
- Commercial renderings
- Water Colored Site Plan renderings or Digitally Rendered plans
- 3D Computer Generated models.

Basically, whatever your visual marketing needs are, if it can be built, I can illustrate it or create a computer model of it.

* Pet Portraits and  Fine Art

I also specialize in Pet Portraits and Fine Art in pastel, water color and Acrylic. 

Individual Pastel Pet Portraits cost $400 for a 14" X 16"
Pet Portraits that include 2 pets cost $700

I have posted many past examples of my art work for your perusal.

Tips for Photographing your Pet:

* Outdoor lighting is ALWAYS best when taking pictures of your pet,but overexposure can mute details. Conversely, indoor lighting and flash photography causes pets to look FLAT and DISTORTS their eye coloring. If you have an automatic camera with auto exposure, focus the center of the lens on an area that is an average between the lightest and darkest fur of your pet (a medium value). Outdoor lighting typically renders better hues and also adds to the depth of the pet's features. Morning and late afternoon lighting is usually best.

* Take plenty of facial photographs and allow their head to fill most of the frame. Also try to get down on your pet's level instead of taking photographs looking down on them, unless this is the way you want your pet portrait.

* Use treats if necessary to get their attention and to look at you directly or up and slightly off to one side. This works especially well with dogs who will sit and stay on command for a treat.

* For pet owners that have indoor cats, if you can take photographs of your cat while sitting next to a window or in any natural light, it will help add to the realism of the pet portrait.

* Take Additional Close-up Photos that show distinct traits, coloring, true eye color and fur direction. This helps me create the best portraits possible. The more photographs a client gives me to work with, the better the drawing can potentially be.

As you can see from the images of my work, I am very meticulous about capturing as much detail as is applicable so every bit of information I have helps me to create as lifelike a portrait as possible.